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BBB After-Buzz

For three days in late September, 35 credit union professionals from all over the United states converged on Portland, Oregon, for a total branding immersion experience that they would never forget. Branding, Bonding, and Brew it was called, and that is what it was. Not only did these Professionals (henceforth to be known as Exalted Gnomes) learn new dimensions of brand greatness and strategies, they also made friends and shared tips with other gnomes from across the country in their constant quest to bring their credit union to new heights of greatness. And of course, we can't forget the Brew component of the saga. But you can only learn of that story by speaking with an Exalted Gnome.

Full BBB Wrap Story with pictures

Exalted Gnome Roll Call/Hall of Fame

BBB Photo Gallery

Post-Event Buzz

Discussion for all gnomes and future gnomes-to-be

Gnome-Only Discussion

2006's Triple B-Baltimore: Once Upon A Brand

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